Hold Your Rental Date

How To Hold Your Rental Date 

 To hold your desired rental date and time we do require a deposit of $95

Step 1. – Call us at (818)-387-6935 (Main office Hours 9am – 9pm) or email us tigerlabproductions@gmail.com ( We respond quicker to emails)  to see if the date and time you want is available.

Step 2. – $95 deposit will go towards your rental fee and after the rental you pay the remaining balance

Step 3. – Go to Paypal.com and click on sending money

Step 4. – The email your going to be sending it to is tigerlabpaypal@gmail.com

Step 5. – Make sure you put your email, date, and time of your booking in the notes section so we know when you are coming in

Step 6. – Once we get the deposit ill be sending you a receipt confirming your booking. Please allow up to 5 hours for a to respond