For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Studio Availability?

  • Email us at tigerlabproductions@gmail.com and we’ll respond back asap with our availability.

Studio phone number?

  • 818-387-6935 .  We’re glad to answer any questions you may have, but do not “confirm” anything over the phone.  All confirmations and reservations are done over email.

Can we visit your studio?

  • Yes, by appointment only. Please email us and make an appointment when you can visit the studio.

Can you hold my shooting date?

  • Our studio is on a strict first-come basis.  We do not soft-hold or pencil in anyone without a payment and rental contract.


  • We have two (2) spots available directly in front of the studio door.  Street parking available, free parking parking in our back lot (8 spots).

  • Will a car fit on the cyc?

  • Yes, we have had many car shoots on the cyc


  • Front door and back loading door access.  Standard commercial doors.

How late can we rent the studio?

  • 24-hour operation based on your shooting schedule.  As long as you let us know, you’re welcome in here.

Multiple day bookings?

Yes, we love multiple day clients


We have successfully filmed commercials, t.v. shows, interviews and features with dialogue, even without sound proofing. We get an occasional jet, but I still consider us a great space for filming clean dialogue.


An on-site manager will be present during the booking.

Studio address: 7100 De Celis PL. Van Nuys, CA. 91406